Council of Financial Regulators Annual Report – 1998 Appendix A

Council Membership
Organisation Representation Internet Address Information Office
Reserve Bank of Australia Mr IJ Macfarlane
Governor (02) 9551 9721
Dr JF Laker
Assistant Governor
(Financial System)
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Mr GJ Thompson
Chief Executive
Officer (02) 9210 3000
Mr GN Johnson
Chief Manager,
Policy Co-Ordination
and Application
Australian Securities and Investments Commission Mr A Cameron
Chairman (02) 9911 2600
Mr SF Tregillis
National Director,
Australian Financial Institutions Commission* Mr MA Moreland
Executive Director (07) 3842 2742
*AFIC continues to participate in the Council on an interim basis, pending the expected transfer of its responsibilities to APRA in 1999.

Administrative Arrangements

The Council of Financial Regulators does not have its own staff; support is provided by RBA officers. The Council met three times in 1998, and plans to meet on a quarterly basis each year.

Travel costs are borne by the members.

The production and printing costs of this Annual Report were met by the RBA; distribution costs were shared by the members.

The Federal Treasurer has Ministerial responsibility for the Council. Although there is no statutory requirement for the Council to table its report in Federal Parliament, the Treasurer has agreed to do so on this occasion.