RBA Annual Report Snapshot 2018


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Employee numbers

1,362 employees of which 80% work flexibly.

Speeches and presentations

Bank state offices gave more than 40 presentations. Senior officers gave more than 50 speeches.

Education section

The newe education section of the RBA website received over 100,000 page views.

Policy decisions

Reserve Bank Board meetings
Statements on Monetary Policy
Payments System Board meetings
Financial Stability Reviews

Cash transactions

$5 billion each day in financial market cash transactions.

Foreign currency assets

Balance sheet of $186 billion. Net foreign currency assets of US $35.7 billion.

New Payments Platform

More than 60 institutions are connected to the New Payments Platform.

Government payments

312 million domestic and 1.1 million international payments for the government.

New banknotes

1.6 billion banknotes worth $76 billion. Launched the new $10 banknote.