RBA Annual Report Snapshot 2021


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Policy decisions

Reserve Bank Board meetings
Payments System Board meetings

Term Funding Facility

$188 billion Term Funding Facility

Government bond purchases and Balance sheet

$154 billion in government bond purchases Balance sheet of $540 billion

Government payments

360.8 million payments totalling $780.9 billion for Australian Government.

20 million COVID-19 support payments


banknotes worth $95.5 billion 1.9 billion $100 Launched new banknote

Australian Government Earnings

Dividend of $2.7 billion paid to the Australian Government.

Employee numbers

1,380 employees across 12 locations 8.6% part-time

Female managers

34.4% management positions filled by women. 43.6% of employees are women

Meetings and Presentations

Held 900+ business liaison meetings. Presentations to 7,000+ students