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Elliott's Story

Elliot discusses his experience as an Economic Analyst working in the Governor's Office. He talks about what it's like working in an intellectually stimulating environment and being able to learn from leading thinkers in the fields of finance and economics. One of his highlights was having the opportunity to attend G20 meetings in Australia during 2014.

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My name is Elliott James and I work in the Governor's office.

I have been working at the RBA for four years and I guess if any experiences stand out it was probably the opportunity I had to go to the G20 meetings recently in Sydney and Cairns, to see so many famous minds from economies and financial systems overseas and domestically, to see these people, to talk with them, to learn from them was a tremendous opportunity. I think what I value most about my time here at the RBA is being able to make a contribution to the design of policy. I think one of the most rewarding aspects of my role is just being able to learn so much. We discuss what's going on in the economy in the financial system, and just by doing that, by being surrounded by so many brilliant minds, leading thinkers in these fields, you pick up so much knowledge, their expertise and being able to work with them as well I think is very beneficial to that overall learning process.

I'd say the people I work with are very like-minded, everybody gets along, it's a very comfortable environment, you work collaboratively together, everybody is very friendly and very supportive and it means that it's a very enjoyable place to work.

I think what attracted me to accepting the role at the RBA was the reputation that it has. It wields a tremendous amount of respect and credibility in the eyes of the public. I'd encourage graduates to consider the RBA because the job is very intellectually stimulating, it's challenging, we're given a lot of responsibility but at the same time it's a very easy place to work, it's a great environment, everybody gets along and so it's just a very nice place to be at.

Dorotea's Story

Dorotea discusses her experience as the Manager of the Network Services Group in the IT Department. She talks about the IT transformation that has taken place and what it's like being part of a growing team that has developed new functions. Dorotea describes a dynamic work environment in which excellence is highly valued.

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My name is Dorotea Baljevic and I am the Manager of Network Services Group at the Reserve Bank of Australia. What I value most about my experience at the Reserve Bank has been that during my career while I've grown, the Bank has also grown. I've been part of the IT transformation of the past few years and what I like is that we have evolved together.

I have been at the Bank for now just over five and a half years and one of the most memorable experiences has been to develop a new function within our group and build a team from nothing. The most rewarding aspects of my role to date have been involvement with improvements and implementation of financial systems that are important to the Australian people and public.

How would I describe the people at the Bank? Well that's a very interesting question. IT has had a huge transformation. We've grown twice our size, so that's always a dynamic environment. But the greater community of the Bank - they are a family, they are always here to help. I distinctly remember what attracted me to join the Reserve Bank as an IT person. We didn't have any outsources. We did all the design, build, implementation in-house. So I would be dealing with the people that I had to on a day-to-day basis and they would just be at the partition next to me and that's what really attracted me.

One piece of advice that I would give students joining the Reserve Bank is that we do value quality. So any task that you get assigned, even small, make sure that you do a quality delivery; have excellence throughout anything that you do.

Why should a graduate join the Reserve Bank? This is a unique organisation, one of its kind, obviously in Australia, and I feel extraordinarily privileged to work in an organisation that is actually heritage listed as a building and has heritage items inside.

Alexandra's Story

Alexandra comments on her experience working as an Economist working in the Economic Analysis Department. Alexandra explains that one of the most rewarding aspects of her role is seeing the economics she studied at university come to life in the workplace. She also talks about the opportunities she has had to complete both the Cadetship (now called the Internship) and Graduate Programs at the Reserve Bank.

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My name is Alexandra Spicer and I'm an Economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. I've been here about five years after completing both the Cadetship and Graduate program.

I think the most rewarding aspect of my role is seeing the economics that I adored at university come to life in the workplace. My role as a United States Economist means that I get to keep abreast of issues and topics that are coming out of the US economy. And it's pretty exciting having senior management come to me for knowledge, advice and that kind of thing for the US economy.

I describe the people that I work with as intelligent, hard-working and fun people. My team is really close. We're there to provide insight, feedback and moral support in the work that we do on a day-to-day basis and it's good that they really care about the work that they do.

The culture at the RBA is really about, like I mentioned, doing the best work that you can. There's a real sporting culture here at the Bank, camaraderie around the soccer field, the annual Bank run, but ultimately day-to-day in the office we're really looking to learn a lot and be the best that we can.

I participated in a summer internship at a private sector bank a number of years ago and while I was there I met a former RBA economist who had nothing but good things to say about the training programs that the RBA provides. So as a result I set my sights on getting into the Cadetship program and after having completed both the Cadetship program and the Grad program, he wasn't lying, it's fantastic.

I think if you're looking for a practical application of that passion you had for economics at university, this is the place for it. Be surrounded by everyone that similarly has that passion. I can't really think of a better place that you can have such a really good training ground and footing for your life as an economist.

Nicholas' Story

Nicholas discusses his experience working as a Financial Accountant in the Finance Department. Nicholas talks about some of the opportunities he has had in his role so far, including coordinating the Bank's strategic planning process. He explains that one of the things that attract him to apply for the graduate program was the Bank's reputation both locally and internationally.

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My name is Nicholas Renotte. I work in the Finance Department. Specifically, I work in Management Reporting where I assist in monitoring the Bank's financial performance as well as work to put together the Bank's budget each year.

In my first year of the graduate program I actually got to take quite a pivotal role in coordinating the Strategic Planning process. So that involved developing new templates, working with Department Heads, and working with Assistant Governors. So I got quite a fair bit of exposure as well as being given the opportunity to sort of re-define that process and take it forward.

In my role in Management Reporting, we have to interact with quite a diverse range of people. So we get to interact with Project Managers, Accountants, Department Heads, Assistant Governors and the like. So I guess one of the privileges of that role is the ability to work with people at such a high level. So as a Senior Analyst, I get to work with Department Heads and I really get to lever off their experience and see through their thought process as well as seeing how they solve problems. I think that's really benefited me in my career as I've been able to draw off that.

I think one of the main things that attracted me to accepting a role at the RBA was the reputation of the institution, both locally and internationally. On top of that, one of the other things was that the Bank offers a structured Graduate Program so you get to rotate within different departments as well as having quite a fair bit of training.

I think the best bit of advice I can give students if they decide to join the RBA is consistently strive to make things better. Don't settle with the status quo. Consistently strive to come up with a better solution or to do something better.

Michelle's Story

Michelle discusses her experience as an Economist working in the Economic Analysis Department. She comments that one of the things she values most about working at the Reserve Bank is the diverse range of work she has had the opportunity to work on. Michelle also explains that graduates can expect the Bank to be a challenging and stimulating place to work.

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My name is Michelle van Der Merwe and I work as an Economist in the Economic Analysis Department.

What I value the most about my experience at the Bank has been the diverse range of work I've been exposed to. I have been able to think about the issues affecting our major trading partners, developments in the housing market right through to bank lending to businesses and households.

The people who I work with really do exemplify the Bank's core values. We're all here because we're interested in public policy and making a contribution through our work but we also love economics. We love asking questions of the data and trying to the best of our abilities to come up with the right answer. The people are genuine, they're caring and respectful. They have pushed me intellectually and helped me to grow.

There are two things that attracted me to accepting the role at the RBA. The first was that it's a leading policy institution for macroeconomics, and the second is the end goal of our work. We're working for the economic prosperity and welfare of the Australian people and it's a pretty motivating reason to come to work each day.

I would encourage graduates to consider the RBA because the work is challenging, it's stimulating and you never stop learning. You get a lot of responsibility from early on but you're also really well supported. The Bank is also a really fun place to work so you have a great work/life balance and there's endless opportunities to pursue different activities at lunchtime and after work, but you also have a great working environment as well.