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Starting your career at Australia's central bank will give you the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of all Australians. All of our employees, including graduates, share the common goal of working together to promote the economic prosperity and welfare of the people of Australia.

Our two-year Graduate Development Program offers comprehensive training, coaching and development in a supportive environment. It allows you to undertake meaningful work from day one and to apply the knowledge acquired at university in challenging real-world situations.

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Why did you apply?

So the first thing that initially attracted to me to the RBA is that's such a prestigious institution and I knew that working here that I would learn lots of valuable skills.

Because I love that the work that the RBA does. I thought it would be a great place to learn and develop myself as an economist and meet new people.

Why did you accept our offer over others?

I interned at the RBA over the summer. When I was then offered a graduate program after that. So I didn't really need to apply for any other graduate programs and as soon as I did the internship here at the Bank I knew that this was somewhere that I really wanted to work.

How did you feel when we made you an offer?

I was pretty excited. I remember I was walking home from uni actually when I got the call and I remember essentially jumping for joy.

Yeah same. Obviously very excited. I've wanted to work here at the RBA from a very young age since when I started studying economics. So yeah, extremely excited and really looking forward to starting here at the Bank.

What is your message for people who are thinking of applying?

I would strongly encourage during the internship. So through the internship you can get a bit of a taste of what it's like to work here at the RBA as well as the culture and type of things that you would be working on, but yeah anyone who has a passion for economics and helping out other people because it does contribute to the greater good and the welfare of the Australian people.

Describe your experience so far

I've learnt a lot, the first three or so months, I think, were very challenging getting used to doing things that you really have no idea about, you kind of come in with a fresh slate after uni but the people have been really supportive and the work is super enjoyable and you learn something new every day.

What training have you received?

The RBA has a really good training program for graduates so it ranges from all different things from programming skills so things like R, eviews, Excel, business writing courses, presentation skills, so you definitely get all the training and support that you need here.

Do you participate in any social or sporting activities?

I definitely do. I'm big into sporting so the Bank has a lot of different sporting teams so I play in the touch football team and we also run a few interdepartmental competitions which is a bit of a nice friendly rivalry between the departments.

What has surprised you the most about working here?

Just how personable people are so despite being extremely smart and really really good at what they do everybody is happy to just hang out and have a chat, and super friendly and super easy to get along with and I think that's really great to work in an environment like that.

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